BMW Mexico and Nissan Mexicana alliance

A few days ago, january 28th , 2016, three day previous to the end of the first month of this year, two companies which aren’t necessarily direct competitors although both are participants of the automotive industry, decided to joint venture in a crusade which could won’t be as fruitful as they believe.

Do not misunderstand, I do not doubt about the companies or their employees, it is not the point, I would even say, mostly will be mexican employees who will run this project, How doubt something going wrong? If we, as mexicans are so good in several areas of automotive industry, in general, in what we do.

The problem roots in that, the last point. We are so good in somethings that we had created a bribery environment around import and distribution of fuels in Mexico that control your fuel consumption (any of us). It is true that actual government had tried to stop those greedy groups (they are so strong and had transcended so many administrations and political parties ) allowing participation of new entrants to fuels distribution business, does not lead me to think anything but Peña or Videgaray concluded… O.K. just kidding, the expert in this matter is Pedro Joaquin Coldwell, not only because he is head of Secretary of Energy but because he really knows about fuels sales and distribution; I return, only the market could stops the beast created by @PRI_Nacional and nobody else can’t stops.

How powerful are those greedy groups?

The reader could asks. They had stopped for so many years in a row production of best and more hydrocarbons in Mexico. Had come destroying once and another, mexican petrochemistry industry transforming PEMEX into the laughing stock company within the oil global industry, or the PEMEX’s management team, or mexican people, but if you believe someone made fun about how bad oil is managed in Mexico, you’re right. Anyway, today PEMEX needs funding from Mexican Goverment when it should be different. It must be strengthened after 8 years oil bonanza, but of course, as settled, it is not. PEMEX is in crisis, bonanza is in somebody else’s hands, not in the company. It will be interesting how many lies our government will create or repeat in order to keep undercover this lack of control over oil income. PRI has Lopez Portillo’s syndrome, in a few we will see @EPN crying because he can’t protect as a dog our Mexican Peso. Anything that compares with early 80’s is pure logic, bacause the coincidence, that’s not possible.

They stops hydrocarbons, the enterprise and drained it. They are very powerful because they own a lot of money, purchasing fuels cheap and sell it expensive is a great business, even said Videgaray well when oil prices were so high that “goverment didn’t increase fuels consumer prices” (obviously, it is not politically correct, why pounce population on if the business goes to pay them all?) but for the fuels dealer: Got paid at full price! Why another cause would require a subsidy? I don’t want to bother myself more, by that way and order is the wealth of that sacrosanct group behind fuels distribution.

Will be fruitful BMW Mexico and Nissan Mexicana alliance?

Yes, of course (iron.) electric Vehicles are so expensive that definitely end up being unattainable by the majority of population ($600k for Nissan Leaf, $750 for BMW i30) Besides, if you do the math there is no way you to save, on the contrary, it is more expensive from any point of view, namely, someone who thinks to save money with an electric, is unthinkable, what is left is altruism.

Nevertheless, if with this alliance the whole environment is settled, economies of scale could reduce vehicles prices (#okno), but at least new entrants come to the market and lease or invest to increase charging points and in a very large lapse, finally, vehicles pricing will reduce.

Which will be the future of the BMW Mexico and Nissan Mexicana alliance?

Good, because both are two international giants, they are not Mexicana, weak to onslaughts of the @PRI_Nacional’s dinosaurs who decided it won’t fly anymore to accomplish stakeholders needs. But, that it will be difficult if begin (And just announcing the alliance will) to harm real powers interests, it will be, but surely they calculated everything… I hope… by their own good. Or we will see as refineries, there won’t be charging points or cheaper electric cars.

Inyección de capital, ¿un ‘rescate’ para Pemex?



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