MVS Radio dismisses Carmen #Aristegui

Is this video the cause of dismissal of Carmen Aristegui? As manager in several enterprises, I was invited to be part of a medical check up annualy, to ensure my health and the business continuity. I belive this is not a wrong practice, it never harm myself, it is surrounded by every logical arguments. One of these check-ups saves a mate’s life, he keep his job too because he keeps his life. What’s wrong about asking Mr. President been checked up in his health and/or adictions, but not only him but Deputies, Senators, Judges, mayors, local deputies, ministerial police, and a long etcetera? To Fernandez Noroña himself? It’s a rumor to request Mr. Presdident disprove conclusively what an inherent right for himself? Is not it time to end this kind of thing once and for all?

Much to the regret of many people around me, I’ve had and I have confidence in the President, but this kind of actions do nothing but undermine it. What do I mean? Simple, read on here and there, I see information at ‘confirming’ by Lydia Cacho (Please remember Lydia’s Gober Precioso case) that Carmen has gone off the air by refusing to read a written apology from ‘Los Pinos’. I read at, that MVS’s statement lies over the fact Carmen has broken the code of ethics to state and present a note made of  ‘rumors’ as news. And I conclude, when the ‘alleged’ thief flees, confirms his crime … happens.

Josefina Vazquez Mota read: “… the fact is not only an affront to the President, who deserves all the respect of the Mexicans and of which the National Action Party has always been and will be respectful no matter the source supporter. But an insult to all the institutions of the country. We reject insult the federal executive, noted that as censorship is the enemy of freedom of expression, so are libel and defamation …”.

Respect is earned.

Lic. Vazquez Mota: Respect must be earned not given. Let’s imagine a mother or father who hits his/her childs frecuently without reason. Only because somebody gift the title of mother or father (authority) those childs have to respect the authority? Is just that, no matter how many times you have been harmed, hit or whatever, you have to respect an authority leaving a side how badly you are treated by it? In my world, respect is earned day by day with facts and actions. I am part of a  mexican group (small or big) who beleives respect on President is suported not by title but because of facts and actions. I have the inherent right to criticise my goverment without insulting, emphasizing facts so punctual as the one I describe. And I think if you’re feeling offended by this situation you must reconsider your career.

The truth is nobody will respect you if don’t earn respect. Even, in the same way I reject alcoholic people when they are drunk and I got so angry about it, in the same way I don’t want loose respect earned by Felipe Calderon, to me. If it will have confirmed that the reason of the Aristegui’s dismiss is realted to a missive sent by ‘Los Pinos” (read Presidencia de la República) asking Carmen to offer apology because of question she left been on air past friday, if only that could be the reason of the dismissal of Carmen Aristegui, I firmly believe that Mr. President Calderon has betrayed me. I have defend his actions over people who strongly reproach to me, to do so.

Today, I stop each one of the arguments in favor to Felipe Calderon, today the recpect I have for my leader hangs of a thin thread. I need my leader to show at least two things:
1. He isn’t alcoholic or if he is, he is under treatment.
2. Prove Lydia Cacho’s statement about the note Carmen Aristegui must read never exists.
@lydiacachosi Me confirma staff de #Aristegui.Presidencia exigió que Carmen leyera carta de disculpa a Calderón.Vargas se dobló Carmen NO.
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2 comentarios en “MVS Radio dismisses Carmen #Aristegui

  1. Sr. Joaquin Vargas, simplemente señalo que me adhiero a la Carta que a usted dirige hoy la periodista Denis Dresser.
    Demando, al igual que miles de ciudadanos, la restitucion en su noticiero de la gran periodista, Carmen Aristegui.
    De no ser asi, renuncio a ver y a escuchar cualquiera de los espacios que se transmiten por MVS.
    Le demando respeto a nuestros derechos como ciudadanos
    Karmele Azcue B


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